Self Service Passbook Printer

Self Service Passbook Printer


Self Service Passbook Printer is an automated kiosk machine where in you can print passbook on your ownin just a few seconds with simple, safe and convenient way.


  • Features :
    • The Barcode based passbooks are specific for each account and can be updated either at the SSPP or in the branches desktop printers.
    • SSPP kiosk recognizes the account details from the barcode placed on the passbook, through these details kiosk fetches the account transaction details and prints it on passbook.
    • Customer can use this facility 24*7*365 from the SSPP machine installed in our ATM centers.
    • It's a queueless, effortless & timeless system to update your passbook.
    • No manual intervention or help of branch official required.
    • Available at selected locations during extended business hours also.

Usage Tips

  • Usage Tips :
    • Approach the SSPP kiosk enabled branch and get the barcode affixed on your passbook.
    • SSPP kiosk is an automated machine, where customer has to simply insert the last printed page of your passbook.
    • Turn overleaf, if printing exceeds more than one page.