Safe Deposit Lockers


Kalyan Janata Bank’s Safe Deposit Locker relieves you of all your safety concerns regarding your valuables. There is a nominal annual rent (payable in advance), which depends upon the size of the locker and the centre at which the branch is located. Bank shall exercise due care and necessary precautions for the safety of lockers provided to the customers like ordinary prudence will do in his case. However, bank shall not be liable for any damage or loss to lockers or its contents, due to any reasons(s) whatsoever.


  • Features :
    • Most secure place to keep your jewellery, important documents and other valuables.
    • Wide availability of lockers in various sizes i.e. small, medium and large
    • Hassle-free rent payment option through Standing Instructions.
    • Providing nomination facility to our locker-hirers. The major advantage of availing these facility is that in the event of unfortunate death of one of the joint locker-hirer, the right to the contents of the locker does not automatically devolve on the surviving joint locker-hirer / nominee (s), unless there is a survivorship clause / nomination.


  • Eligibility :
    • Lockers can be hired by individuals, firms, limited companies, associations and trusts
    • The Bank`s Safe Deposit (Locker) Service is made available to those customers who maintain a Savings / Current Account (individually or jointly). As per our bank’s policy, lockers can be leased out to minors only if mode of operation is jointly with natural guardian.
    • Allotment of lockers is on first-come-first served basis.

Charges & Conditions

  • Charges :
    • Please click here to know our latest service charge sheet.
  • Conditions:
    • At the time of hiring the locker, customer is entitled to keep a prescribed amount with bank as an annualrentfor a minimum period of three years and break open charges of the locker as a security deposit.
    • The locker will be operated during the specified timing displayed at the branches
    • For obtaining a locker at the Kalyan Janata Bank, you must be an account holder with our bank.
    • The bank reserves its right to break open the locker if the rent is not paid despite notices sent by the bank as per the rules, and recover charges thereof.
    • For further details and terms and conditions, please contact our nearest branch having locker facility.


    • You need to get in touch with the nearest branch or contact our branch officials who can help you open a Locker.

    • Yes. Locker facility is made available to those customers who maintain a Savings / Current Account with the bank.

    • You are required to operate your locker atleast once a year. For your safety and privacy, always operate your locker when you are alone in the locker vault.

The remitting customer has to furnish the following information to a bank for initiating a NEFT remittance:

    • If the key of the locker is lost by the hirer(s),the same should be immediately informed to the concerned branch in writing. In such an eventuality, the locker has to be break open and the Hirer (in case of joint hiring both / all of them) have to be present physically at the branch on the date fixed for break open. In such cases of breaking open of the Lockers and replacement of locks, the cost of break open and replacement of the lock along with the extant of service charges will be recovered from the hirer(s).

    • Rent will not be refundable.

    • Property documents, Share Certificates, Jewellery, Loan Documents, Birth / Marriage Certificates, Savings Bonds, Insurance Policies, other confidential and private items which need safekeeping can be stored in our lockers.

    • Chemicals, weapons, explosives, perishable items, narcotics, and other such dangerous / illegal items are NOT allowed to be stored in Safe Deposit Lockers.

    • For availing locker facility, the customer customer is entitled to keep a prescribed amount with bankas a security deposit for a minimum period of three years for meeting the annual rent of the locker out of interest and to meet break open charges.

    • No, The Security Deposit will be kept under Bank’s lien in respect of rentals and other dues on locker services viz. breaking open / replacement of lock in case of loss of keys etc.

    • Allotment of lockers is on first-come-first served basis. For this purpose, a wait list is maintained.