Loan For Idol Makers


You can avail this loan if you are in business of idol making. The scheme is designed for idol makers’ demand of additional finance requirements during seasonal periods like ganpati or navratri festival where there is a large amount of demand of god idols. You can fill the working capital gap by availing loan under this scheme.

Purpose & Eligibility

  • Purpose:
    • To meet working capital requirement of idol makers for making Ganapati /Durga /other idols.
  • Eligibility :
    • Loan Amount including interest repayment obligation for the period from 1st disbursement till full repayment period, should not exceed 65% of sales revenue of the applicant/borrower for previous financial year.

Quantum & Tenure

  • Quantum :
    • Minimum : ₹ 25,000/-
    • Maximum : ₹ 5 lakh
  • Tenure :
    • Interest shall be applied monthly, rest shall be repayable to bank with principal amount of loan in one time by end of the festival season and in any case, the loan account to be closed latest by Sept. / 31st of October of the year in which loan is availed.


  • Basic Documents :
    • In case of new customer, applicant & guarantors need to open savings / current account
    • Duly signed loan agreement
  • KYC documentation
    • Proof of identity
    • Address proof of applicant
    • 3 Passport sized photographs
  • Application Form
    • Duly filled & signed loan application form
  • Bank Statement
    • Bank statement for last one year

      • Hypothecation of stocks and receivables
      • Assignment of Life Insurance Policy / Lien on FDR etc. to be explored (whichever available) on best effort basis.

ROI & Other Conditions :

  • ROI :
    • Please click here to know about latest ROI & Service Charges.

    • Applicant has to be a regular shareholder of the bank. The guarantors have to be either a regular member (shareholder) or a nominal member (in case of loan amount up to ₹ one lakh) of bank.
    • Standing Instruction (SI) Request / ECS or NACH instructions / Post Dated Cheques (PDC) to be submitted to the bank as per requirement.
    • Idol Maker who request additional Loan (More than 5 Lakh) may be consider under Kalyan Gramin Udyog Scheme(Mortgage Loan Scheme)
    • Before disbursement, applicant has to provide margin money and necessary amount to meet all the expenses (as mentioned above & as per service charges). Adequate amount for the purpose is to be deposited in the bank account in advance.