Mobile Banking IMPS


We are happy to bring to you our all new Kalyan Klick - Mobile Banking Application. Our Kalyan Klick application gives you unrestricted and secure access to your bank accounts through your mobile in simple and convenient way.


  • Features :
    • Instant remittance –
      Users can instantly transfer funds to the beneficiaries’ bank account in a simple, convenient and seamless manner.
    • Highly Secure –
      Two-Factor authentication of all transactions
    • Availability -
      IMPS customers can easily remit funds round-the-clock. Facility available even on bank holidays and weekends

Methods & Charges

  • Methods :
    • IMPS / Kalyan Klick user can transfer funds using registered mobile number and MMID of beneficiary (P2P)
    • IMPS / Kalyan Klick user can transfer funds using Account Number and IFSC of beneficiary (P2A)
  • Charges :
    • Please click here to know about latest Service Charges.


    • IMPS i.e. Immediate Payment Service is an innovative & instant money transfer service facilitated by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) that empowers customers to transfer money instantly through banks and RBI authorized Prepaid Payment Instrument Issuers (PPI) across India.
    • This service is available round the clock, throughout the year including Sundays and any bank holiday. Bank has developed the IMPS application named as Kalyan Klick, which is available on google play store.

    • IMPS is a faster way to do a fund transfer without adding a payee. It’s a safe and secure, cost effective way for money transfer. There are no holiday restrictions on IMPS transactions.

    • Funds Transfer and Remittances
      • Sending Money
      • Receiving Money
    • Generate MMID
    • Balance Enquiry
    • Change M-Pin (Login Pin)
    • Change T-Pin (Transaction Pin)
    • Cheque Status
    • E-Passbook
    • Mini Statement
    • FD View
    • Loan View

    • MMID stands for ‘Mobile Money Identifier’. It is a 7 digit unique code issued to you by your bank to enable you to avail IMPS when you have to receive money. You will have different MMID's for different accounts; however, all these can be linked to a single mobile number registered with Kalyan Janata Bank. For getting MMID number, customer has to register for IMPS / Kalyan Klick facility.

The IMPS Facility is available round the clock for all our customers. The features of IMPS are as follows :

    • Sender -
      The customer has to do the Mobile Banking Registration with the branch if he / she wants to initiate the transaction through mobile channel, & has to download 'Kalyan Klick' app from google play store.
    • Receiver -
      The customer can share his / her Account number & IFS code or MMID with sender for receiving money. The receiver can register his / her mobile no. for getting SMS alerts for transactions.

The list of possible role in Corporate Internet Banking is as follows :

    • All Savings account holders – Individuals
    • All Current account holders – Proprietor
    • All society / trust / organization accounts are not eligible for IMPS.

    • Yes, you need to have a bank account with Kalyan Janata Bank to use IMPS / Kalyan Klick.

    • For using IMPS facility, a customer need to register for mobile banking with home branch by submitting Multiple Service Form.

The steps need to follow to initiate transactions through IMPS / Kalyan Klick.

    • The sender (Customer of Kalyan Janata Bank) need to register & download our Kalyan Klick Application.
    • Sender should enter receiver’s (Customer of Kalyan Janata Bank or any other bank) details like :
      • MMID & Mobile number or Account number & IFS Code
      • Amount to be transferred
      • Remarks / Payment Reference number
    • Both sender & receiver shall get a SMS confirmation after a transaction is completed through the IMPS mode.

    • Yes. Customer can link more than one account to the same mobile number. However each account number will have different MMID.

    • There are no cut off times for IMPS. You can receive money 24*7*365 any day any time including Sundays and bank holidays.

    • If the transaction is successful, the money will be credited to your account immediately. The funds transfer happens at a speed of an SMS.

    • No. IMPS is an immediate fund transfer service, after initiating the payment request payment cannot be stopped or cancelled.

    • Yes, customer needs to update their new mobile numberby submitting application at home branch.

    • No need for re-registration if there is no change in mobile number. Re-registration is required only if there is a change in mobile number.

    • Customers need to inform Bank and deactivate their Mobile banking services.

    • Beneficiary details required for making a successful remittance are mobile number and MMID. The transaction will get declined in case anyone of these two numbers is erroneous and transaction gets reversed instantly. In case of wrong payment, remitter should contact the home branch and have to submit application for necessary action at NPCI.

    • Customer can log IMPS complaint with their respective branches or write to us on