About Us

About Us

The Kalyan Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd., founded in year 1973, is a Multi-state Co- operative Bank having network of 42 branches spread over Maharashtra. The Bank is one among the top leading Co-operative Banks in Maharashtra, and continuously in profit since inception. We are working with up to date Technology Platforms enabling the customers to avail banking services as per their convenience.

Bank has balanced traditional as well as new age banking to enhance customer service. Currently we are at par with other banks as regards to availability of the products and services. We are always proactive on technology front with aim to serve existing customers and to cater new customers.

In the true spirit of co-operation, bank has always extended helping hand to small co- operative banks by making them available our technology services and free consultancy in the area like DC/DR services, which enabled them to serve their customers more efficiently. With the help of such technological support to our core personalized banking services the bank is getting boost for the growth in business and profits. Owning of such high technological platforms is not only costly for setting up only, but also requires huge recurring costs, and most important its maintenance requires lot of skills and techniques, for which our bank is adequately equipped with.

Our board of directors have maintained the policy of not availing loans from the bank. It was only recently that the RBI issued this directive but the bank had steadfastly followed this policy since inception. By donating the entire sitting fees paid to the directors, it has constituted the ‘Sanchalak Samaj Seva Puraskar Nidi’, a trust funds from which INR 25,000/- is awarded each year to distinguish person.

The progress of bank is due to team work of cohesive team of our employees & the directors with imagination & initiative lead with brilliance, efficiency and sincere hard work, serving the best to fulfill needs of the customer.


The history of the bank dates back to the year 1970 when Advocate Bhaurao Sabnis and Shri. Vasantrao Purohit took the initiative, against heavy odds, in founding a bank for the predominantly middle class people of Kalyan. It was around the same time that ‘The Kalyan Peoples Co-perative Bank’ had failed leading to severe discontent among the people. Against this background, raising share capital for a bank was an extremely daunting task but their determined and relentless efforts culminated in a modest beginning on 23rd December, 1973 with share capital of INR 50,000/- and deposits of INR 80,000/-, within 180 sq.feet office with three employees.

Since then, the bank is continuously striving to improve quality and set standards in customer service and become a 'Janata' bank in the truest sense.


  • In 1970, Advocate Bhaurao Sabnis and Mr. Vasantrao Ourohit took the initiative against heavy odds, in founding the bank for the predominantly middle class people of Kalyan.
  • Though the year 1973, have seen downfall of ‘The Kalyan Peoples’ Co-operative Bank’ resulting in severe discontent among the people, our board has founded the deep roots of our bank to establish and growth of co-operation amongst the people.
  • To serve the people in co-operative way and for being the strong example of co- operative bank in financial industry, Bank was founded on 23 rd December 1973 within 180 sq. feet office area with three employees.
  • To celebrate the silver jubilee, bank had organized three days event called Sangeet Mahotsav. The silver jubilee of bank was celebrated by organizing several programmes & assisting various social organizations. In year 1998, the silver jubilee celebration began by felicitating Shri. Rambhau Tamhne, who dedicated his life for the welfare of vanvasi people, was awarded 'Sanchalak Puraskar' by Late Shri. Pramod Mahajan. On closing ceremony, The Governor of Madhya Pradesh Hon. Shri Bhai Mahavir awarded Sanchalak Puraskar to Shri. Surendra Vajpayee for his memorable work in the field of education.
  • In 2000, the bank was conferred with ‘Scheduled Bank’ status by Reserve Bank of India.
  • The Bank has introduced computerized operations of branches since the year 1993 and thereafter in year 2007, brought all branches under CBS platform. It not only migrated to CBS but also effectively leveraged technology for business development and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • In year 2009, the bank took over ailing The Satara Merchants Co-operative Bank Ltd., and integrated its operations as well as staff successfully.
  • Bank set up its own Data Centre and Disaster recovery Centre in 2010.
  • Though the bank was having it’s own ATMs in all 30 branches, bank has joined National Payment Corporation of India’s NFS network in year 2010 thus enabling customers to access ATMs across the country.
  • In year 2012, bank hosted a conference for co-operative banks having limited infrastructure to help them to deal with technical issues. These social initiative taken by bank were well appreciated by participating and other co-operative banks as well as Reserve Bank of India.
  • Bank has received Sahakar Bhushan Award from Govt. of Maharashtra in the year 2013
  • Since the government of India has initiated the movement of going cashless for reducing unaccounted transactions in our country, we have focused more on all the e-channels of banking and have achieved more of it by introducing internet banking as well as mobile banking service in the year 2014. As a result, significant number of customers are using this digi-banking channels due to which e-transactions and e-service user are increasing subsequently
  • The bank was granted permission of operation by Reserve bank of India in other state as ‘Multi-State Co-operative Bank’ in year 2016.
  • Being co-operative bank, the bank always participates in different social activities like donations to social organizations, helping in women empowerment, striving for welfare of members by following co-operative principals and so on. For one such initiative, the bank was honored in the year 2018, with thanks giving words from Hon. Governor of Nagaland Shri. P.B. Acharya, for bank's contribution towards ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Abhiyan’.