Cash Recycler Machine

Cash Recycler Machine


We have deployed Cash Recycler Machine(CRM) having cash deposit and withdrawal facility based on the requirement of the customers. You can deposit money by either entering your 15 digit account number or using your debit card. Just place your money in the CRM and follow the simple steps that appear. While a withdrawal requires an ATM or debit card like for regular ATMs.


  • Features :
    • CRM is capable of accepting and dispensing multiple notes simultaneously.
    • CRMs accepts maximum 200 currency notes of Rs. 50, 100, 500 and 2,000 denominations per transaction and maximum value of Rs. 49,999/-
    • Besides deposits and withdrawals, the machine allows you to change personal identification number (PIN) of debit card and also check the balance in your bank account. Cash recycler also provides you with mini statement that have details of your last 10 transactions from your bank account.

Usage Tips

  • Usage Tips :
    • You can deposit up to 200 currency notes per day.
    • Cash Recycler Machine doesn’t accept torn, taped or mutilated notes.
    • You can’t deposit above Rs. 50,000/- if your Permanent Account Number (PAN) is not registered with bank.
    • In case you are just typing your account number without giving your debit card details to the cash recycler machine,make sure the account number you have entered is correct.
    • If you have an inactive bank account, you cannot deposit money in it through a cash recycler.
    • When you deposit cash, the cash recycler will automatically count the currency notes. It will then display the amount denomination-wise and the total amount inserted in the machine for deposit. Once that is displayed, it asks you to confirm if the amount entered is correct, and the transaction will then be completed. The user will then get a receipt which displays the updated account balance.