SMS Banking


The SMS Banking Service by Kalyan Janata Bank are of two types. One being automatic alerts for any transaction involving your bank account and the other being non-transactional service requests that allow you facilities such as Balance Enquiry, Mini statement or Block ATM / Debit Card.

Auto Alerts

  • Auto Alerts :
    • Get the alerts for all debit / credit transactions above a threshold limit (Minimum Amount : ₹ 500)
    • PoS transaction alert : ATM / Debit card swiped at Point of Sales
    • Cheque dishonor alert : Inward / Outward Clearing Cheque issued on account / deposited in the account is dishonored
    • Any specific message sent by bank to the customers
    • Note :
      Please click here to know about latest Service Charges.

Service Request

  • Service Request :
    • Service request allow our customers to stay updated regarding their bank account activity. (However, the service provider may charge some nominal charges. Some of the service providers provide this facility as a complementary service)
  • Features :
    • It provides various services like Balance Enquiry, Mini statement or Block ATM / Debit Card.
    • Customers having their mobile number already registered in CBS can avail this service, no separate registration is required.
    • Customers of our bank can avail the services by sending SMS from their registered mobile number on 09223051595 by sending following input specification as per requirements.
  • Input Specification :
    For Balance Enquiry SBAL
    For Mini Statement / Last 3 transactions LST3
    For Block ATM / Debit Card HOTC
  • Notes :
    • Register your mobile number to avail the service.
    • All letters should be in capital while typing above inputs.
    • No space required while typing the above inputs.
    • The short message should be sent to 09223051595 as per requirement.
    • After the message is sent, within few seconds the user will receive a response from bank on mobile phone regarding enquiry.