Regular Savings Account


Good time or bad time the only thing that will help you, the money you saved before that time. So, make saving an integral part of your daily life and for that enjoy digital banking facilities with us in this fast-moving world to cope up with it.


    • Resident individual - single / joint account
    • Illiterate person
    • Minor - operated by natural guardian / appointed
    • Associations
    • Trusts
    • Hindu Undivided Families (HUF)
    • Clubs
    • Charitable religious institution
    • Institutions specially permitted by RBI

Features & Services

  • Features :
    • Deposit amount :
      • ₹ 500/- (if cheque book facility not required)
      • ₹ 1,000 /- (if cheque book facility required)
    • Nomination facility : Available to eligible persons as per rules
    • DICGC cover : Deposits are insured by DICGC up to ₹ 5 lakh per customer
  • Services :
    • ATM / Debit card (individuals account)
    • Internet banking
    • Mobile banking
    • SMS banking
    • Acceptance of standing instructions
    • Safe deposit lockers
    • Cheque book facility
    • Funds remittance through RTGS / NEFT

Documentation & ROI

  • Basic Documents :
    • Customer Information Form (CIF)
    • Account Opening Form (AOF)
    • Related documents in case of Associations, HUF, Clubs, Trust, Society, etc.
    • Other related documents as per RBI guidelines (If any)
  • KYC documentation
    • Proof of identity
    • Address proof of applicant
    • 3 Passport sized photographs


    • It is a deposit account, where you can deposit your ideal funds and use the same as and when required while also earn interest on the balance maintained. It may be managing your everyday expenses or saving for an emergency, Savings Account is an excellent option.
    • Savings Account, can be used for many different purposes. In fact, we have several types of Savings Account that can be used for different requirements with a lots of features to meet the saving needs of customers. For many people, this is their initiation with the banking and financial system.
    • You can avail the facility of ATM cum debit card, internet banking, mobile banking, SMS banking and acceptance of standing instructions, safe deposit lockers, funds remittance through RTGS / NEFT & many others.

    • Fill in the Customer Information Form (CIF) & Account Opening Form (AOF), provide us the required documents and the minimum required amount (cash / cheque) and walk into the nearest branch for submission.
    • You can get the CIF & AOF at any of our branch or you may simply download them from our website at ‘Forms Centre’ under know more section.

In order to open a new Savings Account, simply walk into our nearest branch & submit the following documents to our bank officials (original for verification and self-attested copies for submission):

    • Identity Proof (KYC documents as per RBI guidelines)
    • Address Proof (KYC documents as per RBI guidelines)
    • Latest passport size photographs

    • The minimum balance required to be maintained for Kalyan Janata Bank’s Savings Account in case of non cheque book holder is ₹ 500/- & ₹ 1,000/- in case of cheque book holder.

    • Interest earned on your Savings Account balance will be credited to your account on quarterly basis.

    • Fill-up & submit the Multiple Service Form II (change in address section in MSF) with your original documentation for verification at your home branch.
    • Please attach copy of self-attested address proof to MSF while submission.

    • If you are opening an account for the first time, then all the service options available in AOF itself. You need to simply tick on the required service’s box to avail the same.
    • If you are existing account holder, you need to submit MSF with appropriate selection of services.
    • Please note that If you haven’t submitted PAN Card, you will not be eligible for ATM / Debit Card facility.

    • You can avail the facility of cheque book while opening an account only. As you will get an option to tick to avail the said facility.
    • For cheque book facility, you should open an account & maintain the same with minimum amount of Rs. 1000/- .
    • There are 3 cheque books per year (i.e. 45 cheque leafs) are provided without any charges.
    • Existing account holders can avail the cheque book facility, by submitting duly signed cheque book requisition form available at branch level.

    • You can download and print your account statement without any charges through our net-banking facility.
    • Also you can tick the E-statement facility option present is AOF form with monthly, half-yearly or yearly option.
    • If you don’t have net-banking facility, you may visit your home branch and submit application for account statement for the period mentioned by you (for which charges are applicable).

    • The account becomes dormant if there are no customer-initiated transactions in the account for a continuous period of twenty-four months. (except system generated transactions like credit interest, service charges, etc.)
    • As per RBI’s guidelines, we have display the list of unclaimed deposits/ inoperative accounts which are inoperative for ten years or more under Unclaimed deposit section. You can search for details of unclaimed deposit by providing your name in the ‘search box’ and If your name and address is matching with the data available in the search results, kindly approach the concerned branch for revival / refund of the deposit with necessary documents as proof of deposit.
    • In case of death of account holder, Nominee (or legal heir in case of non-individual account) should visit the home branch for further procedure.