Shareholders' Welfare Fund

The Bank out of each years profit has been allocating some funds for implementing the welfare schemes for the members of the Bank. These schemes are reviewed every year to meet the requirements of the Bank's members. Well being of the Shareholders has always been focus area for the Bank. To meet the wellbeing of the members the Bank has formulated Various schemes for benefit of the Shareholders. The details and the present applicable terms and conditions governing the schemes at present are given hereunder. It is advised that the members may get in touch with the Share Department located at Head Office to know the latest changes/modification and improvements in the schemes.

Medical Welfare Scheme


The general terms and conditions governing the schemes are as under. The management has the right to amend these terms any time with a week's notice to the members. The terms are:

  1. The shareholder must be a member of the Bank for the period of two years on the date of his claiming the benefit under any of these schemes. The term "Member" here does not include "Nominal Member"
  2. Share holder can apply for any of the following medical tests or operations "ONLY ONCE" during the entire tenure of his membership
  3. In case of joint shareholding, benefits are extended only to the member whose name appears 1st in the register of shareholders maintained by the Bank.
  4. Shareholder Should apply within Two years from the date of under going Medical tests/ Operation

Financial Aid for Medical tests / operations

  1. Bypass Surgery : Rs.15,000/-
  2. Angioplasty : Rs.10000/-
  3. Angiography : Rs.3000/-
  4. Cataract operation : Rs. 3000/- (Per Eye)
  5. Major Brain Surgery : Rs.15000/-
  6. Kidney Transplant : Rs.15,000/-
  7. Detection of Cancer : -Rs.7500/-
  8. Scanning : Rs.500/-
  9. R.I. : Rs 1500/-
  10. Color Doppler : Rs.500/-
  11. Ear / Nose / Throat any one Operation – Rs.1000/-
  12. Hernia / Hydrocele / Appendix / Prostate Gland Operation.-  2500/-
  13. Urinary Stone / Gallbladder Stone etc. – Rs.2500/-
  14. Eye Operation ( Glaucoma / Retina Operation) -Rs.3000/-
  15. Spine Operation – Rs.7000/-
  16. Major Surgery :- Abdominal, Pancreas, Gallbladder, Uterus, Intestines, Spleen, Ovaries, Lungs, Lever, Anastomosis etc. Operation. – Rs.10000/-
  17. Joint Replacement – Rs.10000/-
  18. Heart Valves Operation – Rs.10000/-
  19. Lever Transplant – Rs.15000/-

Financial Aid for Physically Handicapped

Bank provides Financial Aid of Rs. 7500/- to Shareholder, who has become Physically Handicapped due to accident or other medical reasons.

Share holder should submit certificate of 40% disability from All India Institute of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. OR Any Other Govt. Hospital.

Free Medical checkup: For Senior Citizens

  1. Free Medical Checkup facility is extended, once in two years, at different hospitals with whom the Bank has made facility arrangement for the benefit of the members.
  2. Age: Male Shareholders should have completed 60 Years of Age on the previous date of the medical checkup.
  3. No Age limit for Female shareholders.
  4. Tests covered under the scheme :
    1. Blood-CBC, Hb
    2. Blood Sugar(Random)
    3. Urine Routine
    4. E.C.G.
    5. Examination by Physician and Gynecological Examination for Females
  5. List of Hospitals :
    1. Dr. Sanjay Godbole's "Shree Hospital", Murbad Road, Kalyan[w] Ph.No.2200529 / 2209926

Financial assistance to Nominee of Shareholder

Bank provides financial assistance to nominee of Shareholder due to Natural / Accidental Death of Shareholder.


  • Person applying for financial assistance should be nominee as per Bank's record.
  • Application should be made within two years from the date of death of the Shareholder.
  • The nominee should be in a position to submit identity proof to the satisfaction of the Bank.

Vidyarthi Pravinya Puraskar

Meritorious Shareholders/ children of Shareholders are bestowed by the bank with Vidyarthi Pravinya Puraskar


  • Applicant should have appeared for exam in current academic year in which the Puraskar is declared/distributed.
  • Mother /Father /Applicant should be shareholder of the bank as on last day of financial year in which the puraskar is declared /distributed.

Criteria for Awards :

  • Std:12 th Science :For General Category :Above 75% For (SC,ST,VJ,NT,SBC) :Above 70%
  • Std:12 th Arts & Commerce : Above 70%
  • Std:10 th For General Category : Above 75% For (SC,ST,VJ,NT,SBC) : Above 70%
  • Std 4 th & 7 th Scholarship Exam : Scolarship should be secured.
  • Scholarship for National Talent Search (Std 10 th) : Scolarship should be secured.

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