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Revision in Service Charges (wef 01.04.2019)
(GST as applicable to be added separately on Service Charges.)

A.Ledger folio charges for Current & CC accounts Rs. 100/- per Ledger Folio or fraction thereof per quarter.  (40 entries constitute one L.F.) Minimum Rs. 100/-.
B.Minimum balance charges
(i)Savings Bank Account        (Except where average bal. is more         than Rs. 5000/-) Rs. 30/- per month
·Min. Rs. 500 without cheque book facility
·Min. Rs. 1000 with cheque book facility. Rs. 50/- per month
(ii) Current Account  (Min. Balance Rs. 2500/-) (Charges will be applied once in 6 months) Rs. 75/- per month
C.Service Charges in SB a/cs NIL
D.Duplicate Pass Book / Statement ·Rs. 100/- per Pass Book / Statement with latest balance and Rs. 100/- per L.F. For previous entries (One LF = 40 entries)
E.Stop payment  instructions / withdrawal        thereof ·Rs. 100/- per cheque subject to max. Rs. 1000/-
F.Cheque Return Charges (Inward & Outward) For reason "insufficient fund" Rs. 200/- per instrument + GST irrespective of amount.
G.Clearing & ECS (Inward & Outward) ·Clearing & ECS Inward/outward Return charges Rs. 200/- per instrument.
·Rs. 400/- per instrument, if the amount is more than Rs. 5.00 Lakh.
Note: No charges should be levied if stop payment cheque is returned, provided sufficient balance upto amount of cheque is maintained.
H.Closing  A/Cs within one year of  their opening: Rs. 300/-
(i)Savings Account
(ii)Current Account Rs. 500/-
I.Cheque Book Charges
(i)Savings Bank A/c 45 cheque leaves free in a calendar year. Rs. 2/- per cheque thereafter. No charges for accounts of Co-operative Societies.
(ii)  Current Bank A/c Rs. 2/- per cheque.
J.Changes in operational instructions / addition/ deletion / substitution of names Rs. 50/- per occasion  (Applicable only to Current accounts) Free for SB accounts.
A.Issue of Pay-order / Demand Draft / Cheque on banks
(i)Upto and including Rs.10000/- Rs. 30/-
(ii)Rs. 10001 to Rs. 100000/- Rs. 2/- per Rs. 1000/- or part thereof,  minimum Rs. 30/-
(iii)Above Rs. 100000 Rs. 350/-
B.Issue of duplicate demand draft/pay order/ Term Deposit Receipt / Cheque on banks Rs. 100/-
C.Cancellation of demand draft/pay order / Cheque on banks Rs. 100/-
D.Revalidation of demand draft/pay order / Cheque on banks Rs. 50/-   (Revalidation is permitted only 2 times)
E.Closure of Fixed/Savings/Current A/cs &  Remittance of balance by Pay order / DD  NIL
F.Remittance by Electronic Device
(ii)Outward RTGS Rs. 25/- per transaction
·For Rs.2.00 lakh to less than Rs. 5.00 Lakh
·For Rs. 5.00 Lakh and above Rs. 50/- per transaction
·Upto Rs. 10,000/-  Rs. 2.50 per transaction
·Above 10,000 upto 1 lakh Rs. 5/- per transaction
·Above 1 lakh upto 2 Lakh Rs. 15/- per transaction     
·Above 2.00 Lakh Rs. 25/- per transaction
G.Collection of Bills/Cheques:
(i)Upto and including Rs. 5,000/- Rs. 25/-  Applicable only to S.B.A/cs.
(ii)Above 5,000/- and upto and including 10,000/- Rs.50/-
(iii)Above Rs. 10,000 and upto & including 1 lakh Rs. 100/- per instrument
(iv)Above 1 lakh Rs. 150/- per instrument
(v)Purchase of cheques presented in Mumbai Clearing Rs. 2/- for every Rs. 1000/- or part thereof
(vi)Immediate withdrawal against salary cheque. Rs. 25/-per instrument.
(vii)Handling charges for cheques/bills returned unpaid 50% of  above charges Minimum 100/- plus postage /courier Rs. 30/-     
H.Outstation Collection of cheque by Electronic Device (Speed Clearing)
(i)Up to Rs. 1,00,000/- Free
(ii)Above Rs. 1,00,000/- Rs. 150/- per instrument
One time Locker registration Charges ·For Small Rs. 500/- ·For Medium Rs. 750/- ·Large Rs. 1,000/-
(a)Godrej / Steelage A type + (b)(Guardwell A Type + Methodex A Type) Rs. 1,100/-  p.a.
(c)Godrej / Steelage B type Rs. 1,200/- p.a.
(d)Godrej / Steelage C type + (e)(2A Type Methodex) Rs. 2,100/- p.a.
(f)Godrej / Steelage D type Rs. 2,350/- p.a.
(g)Godrej / Steelage E type Rs. 2,700/- p.a.
(h)Godrej / Steelage F type + (4A & 4A1 Methodex) Rs. 2,800/- p.a.
(i)Godrej H1 & Guardwel 2B 1 type Rs. 3,000/- p.a.
(j)Godrej / Steelage 2DG type Rs. 3,275/- p.a.
(k)Godrej / Steelage 4BH type Rs. 4,450/- p.a.
(l)Godrej H & Guardwel 4B Rs. 5,800/- p.a.
Penalty for delay in payment of rent / renewal on expiry of hiring period Rs. 50/- per month or part thereof. For Type A to D Rs. 100/- per month or part thereof. For Type E upwards.
Note: Breaking open of the locker - when the hirer loses the key and requests for breaking open,  suitable service           charges should be recovered, which should cover charges to be paid to manufacturer / vendor for breaking           open lockers / repairing / replacing it Plus handling charges at Rs. 500/-
A.Share Application Form Rs. 25/-
B.Entrance Fees for regular member Rs. 100/- (As per Bye Laws)
C.Entrance fees for nominal member (For borrower / Surety in loan against Gold/ Govt. Securities/ LIC policies / Consumer durables) Rs. 100/- (As per Bye Laws)
D.Issue of Duplicate I - Card Rs. 25/-
E.Cancellation of membership Rs. 1/- per share maximum Rs. 500/-
F.Change of Nomination NIL
G. Name addition (Individual / Firm) Rs. 25/- per share certificate.
H.Issue of Duplicate Share certificate Rs. 50/- per share certificate.
I.Transfer of shares Rs. 100/-
J.Transmission of shares (In deceased cases where Registered Nominee should be member of the Bank) Rs. 20/- per share certificate. 
K.Copy of Bye-Laws Rs. 100/- only to members.
A.Enquiries relating to old entries
(i)Upto one month NIL
(ii)Above one month and upto one year Rs. 20/- per entry.
(iii)Above one year and upto two years Rs. 30/- per entry.
(iv)Above two years and upto three years Rs. 50/- per entry.
(v)Above three years. Rs. 100/- per entry.
B.Copy of the old record in the form of Voucher document, etc.  (subject to availability) ·Within a year Rs. 50/-  (per voucher / document)
·After one year Rs.100/-  (per voucher / document)
C.Certificate of all types (Excluding Balance certificate / TDS certificate / Income Tax purpose certificate) Rs.100/-
D.Standing Instructions
(i)Transaction involving transfer to another account (other than R/D installments, FD interest and loan instalment) within same branch or to the account in another branch. Free to self A/c. In other cases free up to Rs.10000/-  ; otherwise Rs. 25/- per transaction.
(ii)S.I. failure on a/c of insufficient funds. Rs. 50/-  per instance
E.ECS / NACH Mandate & Signature Verification Rs. 50/-  per instance
F.Photo attestation (as per bank record) Rs. 50/-  per instance
G.Address confirmation Rs.50/-  per request.
H.Cash Handling Charges (For SB / CD / CC / CDOD / Loan / TDR Accounts) · 200 pieces of notes (Irrespective of denominations) per day  - NO CHARGES ·Note Counting Charges: Rs.5 per bundle of 100 pieces of notes or part thereof beyond 200 pieces per day. ·Coin counting Charges: Rs.15 per packet of 100 coins or part thereof, if coins exceed 10 coins per day.
I.Deposit of Soiled or Imperfect Notes
(i)Upto 20 pieces NIL
(ii)Above 20 pieces Rs.2/- per piece on entire tender
J.SMS Charges Rs. 40/- p.a. to be recovered on quarterly basis.
K.RuPay Debit cum - ATM Card
(i)For Classic Card Rs. 100/- p.a. after initial year of issuance
(ii)For Platinum Card Rs. 125/- p.a. after initial year of issuance
(iii)Other Bank's ATM Cash Withdrawal Rs. 20/- per transaction. Other than SB accounts No free transactions.
(iv)Other bank ATM (Non-Financial) Rs.8/- per transaction. Other than SB accounts No free transactions.
(v)Our Bank's ATM  No charges up to 8 transactions per month.
(vi)Transaction decline due to ‘insufficient balance’ Rs. 20/- plus GST per declined transaction
(vii)  Card replacement fee  Rs. 100/-  per instance
(viii)Regenerating PIN mailer fee  Rs. 50/-  per instance
(ix) Hot listing instance in case of loss of  ATM card NIL
A.Sale of Loan Application Form Rs. 50/-
B.Process Fee*  *Process fee may vary time to time. For more details you can communicate with your respective Branch heads.
1.Processing Fees applicable to Schematic Lending Products
(a)Housing Loan (Kalyan Vastu) 0.40 %
(b)Car Loan (Kalyan Vahan) 0.40 %
(c)Personal Loan (Kalyan Suvidha), Salary Overdraft & Special Personal Loan 0.75 %
(d)Gold Loan -Upto Rs. 10.00 Lakh -Above Rs. 10.00 Lakh 0.75 % 0.40 %
(e)Mortgage Loan (Kalyan Vastu Vikas) -Upto Rs. 25.00 Lakh -Above Rs. 25.00 Lakh 0.40 % 0.75 %
(f)Mortgage Loan (Kalyan Sankalp Siddhi) -Upto Rs. 25.00 Lakh -Above Rs. 25.00 Lakh 0.40 % 0.75 %
(g)Education Loan (Kalyan Saraswati) 0.75 %
(h)Travel Loan (Kalyan Paryatan) 0.75 %
(i)Dhanadhara Overdraft 0.40 %
(j)Kalyan Sushrut 0.40 %
(k)Loan against Paper Securities (NSCs/KVPs/LICs) -Upto Rs. 5.00 Lakh -Above Rs. 5.00 Lakh 0.75 % 0.40 %
(l)Kalyan Gramin Udyog 0.40 %
(m)Kalyan Gramin Gruh Nirman 0.40 %
(n)Loan /OD against Bank Fixed Deposit NIL
Note: Processing Fee for women borrowers shall be 75% of the standard processing fee prescribed for general           borrowers in the same category of advance.
2.Processing Fees applicable to Credit proposals above Rs. 50.00 Lakh other than Schematic Lending
Particulars Funded Non-funded
·New/Fresh Limits:
a)Up to Rs.100 Lakh 1.00 % 0.50 %
b)Above Rs. 100 Lakh up to Rs. 300 Lakh 0.75 % Min. Rs. 1.00 Lakh; Max. Rs. 1.50 Lakh 0.35 %    Min Rs. 0.50 Lakh; Max. Rs. 0.75 Lakh
c)Above Rs. 300 Lakh and up to Rs. 500 Lakh 0.50 %    Max. Rs. 2.00 Lakh 0.25 %    Max. Rs. 1.00 Lakh
d)Above Rs. 500 Lakh 0.40 %    Max. Rs. 3.00 Lakh 0.20 %    Max. Rs. 1.50 Lakh
·Renewal of Limits:
a)Up to Rs.100 Lakh 0.25 % 0.10 %
b)Above Rs. 100 Lakh and up to Rs. 300 Lakh 0.20 %   Min. Rs. 0.25 Lakh; Max. Rs. 0.45 Lakh 0.07 % Min. Rs. 0.10 Lakh; Max. Rs. 0.15 Lakh
c)Above Rs. 300 Lakh and  up to Rs. 500 Lakh 0.15%    Max. Rs. 0.60 Lakh 0.05%    Max. Rs. 0.20 Lakh
d)Above Rs. 500 Lakh 0.12%    Max. Rs. 1.00 Lakh 0.02%    Max. Rs. 0.25 Lakh
C.Periodic Inspection of units in case of working capital limits against stock /        receivables
(i)For limits upto Rs. 5 Lakh Rs. 500/- per visit.
(ii)Above Rs. 5 Lakh and upto Rs. 15 Lakh Rs. 1,000/- per visit.
(iii)Above Rs. 15 Lakh and upto Rs. 50 Lakh Rs. 1,500/- per visit.
(iv)Above Rs. 50 Lakh  Rs. 2,000/- per visit.
(+) Add : Vehicle charges if any, on actual basis
Note: It should be recovered at the time of renewal along with processing charges.
D.Notice Charges
1.Overdue loan notice / reminder charges Rs. 100/- per Notice
2. Final Notice Rs. 200/- plus postage or courier charges on actual basis
Note:  Charges not to be debited to NPA accounts.
E.Mortgage Charges
(i)Creation / Extension of Equitable / Registered Mortgage Equitable Mortgage Registered Mortgage
·Credit Limit upto Rs. 25.00 Lakh Rs. 2,500/- Rs. 1,500/-
·Credit Limit above 25.00 Lakh upto  Rs. 50 Lakh Rs. 5,000/- Rs. 3,000/-
·Credit limit above 50.00 Lakh Rs. 7,500/- (+)  Rs. 5,000/- Rs. 5,000/- (+) Rs. 5,000/-
(ii) Release of Mortgage ·Registered Mortgage Release - Rs.1000/- ·Equitable Mortgage Release - No charges during 1st month of closure of a/c. however, if title deeds are not collected within a month of closure of a/s, charges may be levied @ Rs. 200/- p.m. (On closure of a/c Branch should send letter to the borrower to collect documents within 1 month.)
F.CERSAI registration charges
       i.         Hypothecation of stock, book debts, machinery, vehicles, intangible assets Rs. 300/- per instrument.
      ii.         Mortgage Rs. 500/- per property upto 4 properties.
Rs. 100/- per property in excess of 4 properties.
     iii.         Satisfaction of Hypothecation / Mortgage charge NIL
G.Commitment Charges (For under-utilization of Cash Credit limit) If the average utilization of a working capital limit is less than 70%, commitment charges shall be levied @ 1% p.a. of the under-utilized portion on quarterly basis.
H.Gold Loans
Safe custody charges for gold ornaments not collected after closure of loan a/c Rs. 200/- p.m. or part thereof after 7 days from the date of closure of loan a/c
I.NSC / Govt. securities loan
     Service charges for noting charge on     certificates and or releasing charges. Rs. 200/-plus out of pocket expenses on actual basis per account.
J.Prepayment of credit facilities                                        (A)If credit facilities are prepaid before due date by  borrowers (other than individual borrower/s carrying floating interest rate) from their own sources by closure of accounts, prepayment charges shall be recovered @ 1.00% of the prepaid amount other than in CC/OD facility.
(B)Where credit facilities of borrowers (other than individual borrower/s carrying floating interest rate) are shifted to or are proposed to be taken over by another Bank, prepayment charges @ 2%  shall be charged on - (i)Sanctioned limit in case of Cash Credit / Overdraft facility. (ii)Prepaid amount in case of Term Loan.
 Note: Levy of prepayment charges is applicable for all types of loans/advances except Personal Loan, Education            Loan, Housing Loan, Loan against Term Deposit / NSC / Gold and all types of credit facilities carrying            floating interest rate of individual borrowers irrespective of the quantum and purpose of loan.
K. Change in other sanction terms such as extension of  moratorium/ repayment, change in security/guarantor etc. 0.05% of the limit subject to  Min. Rs. 500/- & Max. Rs. 10,000/-
L.Commission on Bank Guarantee ·0.75% p.a. (Minimum Rs. 500/-, per Bank Guarantee) if fully secured by Term Deposit
·2% p.a. in other cases
Note: In respect of BGs issued against 100% cash margin / FDs no separate typing / handling charges to be           recovered. In respect of all other BGs, however, charges of Rs. 500/- per BG instrument should by recovered           separately when typing job is carried out by Bank / Branch.
M. Opening of Letter of Credit:
(i)Opened through the other Banks Charges levied by other Bank to be shared on 50 : 50 basis
·1% pa if fully secured by Term Deposit
·2% p.a. in other cases
·Out-of-pocket expenses on postage / telegram / telex / fax / cab etc., to be recovered separately.
N.Amendment Charges Rs. 200/-
 Note: If the amendment is in respect of the amount or period of L/C appropriate additional charge on the amount so increased or the extension of usuance period shall also be recovered.
O. Solvency Certificate: · Rs. 2/- per thousand min Rs. 500/- & Maximum Rs. 10000/-
·However for Education purpose Rs. 200/- per copy minimum Rs. 1000/- irrespective of amount of certificate.
P. Issue of Status / Confidential Report NIL

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